Shakespeare and the Occult

Shakespeare and the Occult

The British Elites and The Hebrews

Shakespeare, Freemasonry, Scientism and Empire

As I get to the finish line of each topic I always find more information I want to include!

Petter Amundsen of the great must-see documentary Seven Steps To Mercy had his book translated into English years ago as I only very recently discovered. It’s quite fascinating and convincing in terms of the coded messages hidden in the First Folio. They are based on Rosicrucian and Freemasonic symbolism and the “magic numbers” nonsense. So it backs Bacon's secret society creations as well as Bacon as Shakespeare (of course). I’ll be folding his book into Shakespeare and The Occult. Petter dropped out of Freemasonry for reasons he has not explained but I think I have a good idea why. I think he might have realized their designs for humanity are not for ‘uplifting’ but for ‘encaging’ -if they went to such pains to create such a massive hoax - that ain't right and for what purpose, really? Why all the deception. Just a guess. A brilliant and good man even if he thinks Shakespeare and Rosicrucianism are a net positive. . If you are into puzzles and codes and confirmation of Bacon’s involvement in Rosicrucian and Freemasonry it’s a great book. It’s kind of hard to explain all the details in a podcast! I find it hard to listen- sounds like a guy droning on and on…(imagine that!) So far I have failed in my attempts! As Petter failed to find the hidden manuscripts on Oak Island- which he now feels include not only the manuscripts but perhaps even the Ark of the Covenant and the menorah from Solomon’s Temple. Easy there Petter! So perhaps all the coding he discovered in the First Folio is yet another hoax?? Maybe. They are still digging on Oak Island without Petter's help. it's been going on for a couple centuries at this point.

Another book- "Shakespeare’s Mystery Play" by television Executive and Shakespeare Scholar Steve Sohmer. He actually earned a doctorate at Oxford while head of marketing at ABC.

The book is an incredible detailed and researched exploration of the Julius Caesar play. Really remarkable book- and Sohmer makes a strong case that the Caesar play inaugurated the Globe Theater as first play ever presented on the summer solstice of 1599. (12th June in 1599 was the solstice- England was still on the Julian calendar- refusing to go Gregorian!) He backs up, imho opinion, my ideas that the character Antony is Bacon in thin disguise. Despite his highly detailed knowledge he not once mentions the authorship controversy. But that's because he wanted the big boys to endorse his work, which they do as you can see by the back cover. The most fascinating aspect is he clearly shows ShakesBacon conflating Caesar with Christ in the symbolism and language used in the play. This is very clear and obvious but took 400 years to be discovered! Incredible!! So I’ll be talking about that- or writing about it in detail. It’s really related to gnosticism- the belief that a man can become a god. Bacon believed Caesar was the greatest ‘natural man’ of all time and he was declared a god by the Roman Senate after his death. The death of Caesar becomes a parody of the crucifixion in the play. Very learned and scholarly book not what one would expect from a marketing executive for CBS. He actually produced and wrote a hit TV series called "Mancuso, FBI".

As for the Brit Elite fascination with the Jews there are tidbits everywhere…including this from Peter Dawkins (the world’s foremost living Bacon worshipper) An early book of his called Arcadia. Wherein he spells out how the Royal family believes themselves to be direct descendants of Kind David. Yep. More on that to come and more on the gnostification of Judaism or: What happened between Torah and Talmud and between Talmud and Kabbalah? When did magic and elitism take over for some Jews? Magic is strictly forbidden in the Bible and being “chosen” does not mean elitist. The gnostics were deep in those days when Talmud was redacted (200 AD approx.). As they have become again. Gnostics believe in an evil God/creator of this world, which leads them to extreme forms of elitism that Judaism and Christianity both banished- the Jews banished it politically (kings were responsible to the people - the people were not responsible to the kings, because the kings were no longer Gods- that’s a part of the great Hebrew religion revolution- and then the Christians made it personal (salvation was offered not to groups but for one and all- even sinners) which IMHO advanced what were Jewish egalitarian concepts) Gnostics exercise both forms of elitism as policy, which fits nicely with aristocratic arrogance of Brit Freemason elites. Dare I say.

(from Matt Ehret’s Sir Henry Kissinger: Midwife to New Babylon)

The Shakespeare Effect: Jordan Peterson and James Lindsay

The very powerful and personal essay linked below about Jordan Peterson’s abject failure to understand the Gaza conflict must be a symptom of the “Shakespeare Effect” (which also explains James Lindsay’s position, another brilliant social analyst who has equally taken on the woke phenomenon as well as Peterson. They both get the immensity of the woke threat (Lindsay even gets the gnostic roots of woke!) yet they both wholeheartedly and completely endorse the Netanyahu military madness of current Gaza retribution. Hamas was/is a deep state creation of British Intelligence as was Zionism itself, and as such this conflict is not really between Jews and Muslims but is a construct of Empire. The inability to see this and thus to take absolutely 100 per cent one side over the other is the Shakespeare Effect- which begets an inability to understand the dark dark designs of the British Empire mainly because they created such a “great poet of all humanity” as a gift to civilization itself.

Peace was possible in Palestine many times over the last century but has been throttled at every step, by dark Brit “diplomacy”, now American as well. Now we have a nightmare the Empire created as they go for broke, just as England did in WW1 and WW2. Which means either Empire gains control of the Middle East AND the Asian heartland (Russia) or the world must go through conflagration.

I fully believe we will get thought this without a nuclear exchange. But Person and Lindsay are not helping. They have let us down by not understanding the source of the madness. This Middle East conflict precedes Woke. Empire gnostic madness created Woke and the conflict.

ESSAY: Jordan B Peterson: The Reflection I Never Wished to See:J R Leach

Then we have the great Francis Yates "The Occult Philosphy In The Elizabethan Age". Yates blew the lid open on this topic as a researcher for the Warburg Institute, bankers partly responsible for the Federal reserve and the secret negotiations at Jekyll island in 1912. Cool story- "Aby famously made a deal with his brother Max to forfeit his right, as the eldest son, to take over the family firm, in return for an undertaking on Max's part to provide him with all the books he ever needed.[2]". She all but ID's Bacon as founder of the Rosicrucians in this book, but she can't say it because she's a mainstream scholar!!

Remember "Melancholy Jakes", the wannabe Fool in "As You Like It"? And of course "The Melancholy Dane", Hamlet's nickname? Well wouldn't ya know that melancholia is an occult concept as illustrated by the famous Albrecht Durer print shown at top of this post and as explored by the Yates book: "The three stages of inspired melancholy described by Agrippa (famous renaissance magician) would seem to be in need of such protection since the inspiration is said to be of a demonic nature. Durer's Melancholia with her angel's wings may express exactly the Agrippan combination of Magia and Cabala...Durer's Melancholy is not in a a state of depressed inactivity. She is in an intense visionary trance, a state guaranteed against demonic intervention by angelic guidance. She is not only inspired by Saturn as the powerful star-demon, but also by the angel of Saturn, a spirit with wings like the wings of Time." (pg 66). There's quite a bit more! I read this book years ago and now I need to go through it again as my perspective is radically different now. This was alchemy and eventually became Scientism. Notice the magic square (of numbers) on the wall behind the Angel.

Stay strong dear listeners. Much love. Pray for peace. Love the world...don't trust the news...keep your emotions protected from the media, fearless. Stay mighty...RF

What is the occult?

So I was almost done with episode 13 when I ditched it as I am wont to do because I couldn't be confident in my understanding of the occult, especially in light of the all important mind blowing FACT that The Tempest, the first play in the First Folio but likely the last play written, is an allegory of initiation into the occult Eleusinian Mystery School, from which a huge source of the modern day occult stems.

Big question: When did Gnosticism corrupt the Mysteries, which at one time were a positive force?

Also some fascinating discoveries into AS YOU LIKE IT and the occult- also on tap along with some weird correspondences to CHAOS (below).

Coming soon dear well- stay strong, love the world. Peace RF