Episode 4

Hiding in Plain Sight - The Tragedy of Macbeth

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Show Notes

A deep dive into The Tragedy Of Macbeth after a full recap of the unparalled life of philosopher Francis Bacon, the most influential man who ever lived.

gnostics and their remains

"Besides these obligations to the Rosicrucians, the London Freemasons also borrowed much of their phraseology from Lord Bacon's work, still fresh in men's minds... he proposed the foundation of a "Solomon's House," or learned community dedicated to the cultivation of experimental philosophy and the advancement of science. These philosophic and royalist plotters, in order to cloak the true nature of their proceedings, conducted, their conclaves according to the rules prescribed by Bacon: and the same ceremonial and nomenclature they carefully maintain to the present day."


Mind blowing history and a handbook on the crimes of the English Empire in the 20th century. Referenced, footnoted, detailed. Highly recommended. To this day, researchers are denied access to certain First World War documents because the Secret Elite had much to fear from the truth, as do those who have succeeded them. They ensure that we learn only those ‘facts’ that support their version of history. It is worse than deception. They were determined to wipe out all traces that led back to them. They have taken every possible step to ensure that it would remain exceedingly difficult to unmask their crimes. The authors aim to do exactly that.33

Conjuring HItler

Germany as much a victim as perpetrator...hard to believe, but how guilty was MacBeth? Preparata shows that the truth is very different; using meticulous economic analysis, he demonstrates that Hitler's extraordinary rise to power was in fact facilitated -- and eventually financed -- by the British and American political classes during the decade following World War I. Through a close analysis of events in the Third Reich, a startling history of Anglo-American geopolitical interests in the early twentieth century is unveiled.

Human Smoke

Incorporating meticulous research and well-documented sources—including newspaper and magazine articles, radio speeches, memoirs, and diaries—the book juxtaposes hundreds of interrelated moments of decision, brutality, suffering, and mercy. Vivid glimpses of political leaders and their dissenters illuminate and examine the gradual, horrifying advance toward overt global war and Holocaust.
Praised by critics and readers alike for his exquisitely observant eye and deft, inimitable prose, Baker has assembled a narrative that unfolds gracefully, tragically, and persuasively. This is an unforgettable book that makes a profound impact on our perceptions of historical events and mourns the unthinkable loss humanity has borne at its own hand.


Originally published in 1968. This volume discusses Francis Bacon’s thought and work in the context of the European cultural environment that influenced Bacon’s philosophy and was in turn influenced by it. It examines the influence of magical and alchemical traditions on Bacon and his opposition to these traditions, as well as illustrating the naturalist, materialist and ethico-political patterns in Bacon’s allegorical interpretations of fables.