Episode 13

Shakespeare and the Occult

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"As You Like It" No I Did Not

PS- (All the stuff i forgot to put in!) Stag symbolism and it's occult meaning. Saturn symbolism as it relates to Melancolia and Science! Saturn is associated with measurement and numbers. And androgyny symbolism (so prevalent in the play) and so prevalent in Gnostic mythology. Details coming very soon!). Below is the "pose of Melancolia" as seen in Durer's famous etching (below).

Shakespeare with head on hand Bacon

Bacon's tomb sculpture in St. Albans. Another pose of Melancolia. The inscription reads "He liked to recline thus". Or "He liked to sit like this"

This Is the pose of Melancolia.

Melancholia by Durer

Melancholy Jakes and Melancholy Hamlet- is there an occult connection?

How does Charlie Manson fit in?


Seven Steps To Mercy MUST SEE Shakespeare Documentary

Frances Yates

As You Like It 2009

As You Like It Professor Paul Cantor UVA Paul gives very enjoyable lectures even if he rushes when he reads dialogue. He has said that he has no idea what Cymbeline or Winter's Tale is about and he's been studying Shakespeare his whole life. That's some sorcery.


Chaos by Tom O’Neil

Melancholia Etching By Albrecht Durer