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Annals of Scientism

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Hans Fluid
Hans G. Schantz, a friend of the podcast (and a scientist) is writing a history of science that is awesome. This is the the most recent installment (on Electricity- it's fascinating) and it includes a great take from writer E. Michael Jones that details the story behind Mary Shelley and the writing of Frankenstein. The first major woke movement after the demise of early gnosticism was the French Revolution. Science played a big role in that blood-bath disaster, as did Freemasonry. (Freemasonry and Scientism are like Beans and Rice. They go together, but the goal is a gnostic revolution of the entire planet, not dinner) Check out Hans great on the image

Frankenstein commencement
Text image above is also a link to the entire commencement address- the fascinating story behind Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"

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RAY KURZWEIL, "google engineer", mentioned in the podcast, is the world's leading high priest of SCIENTISM,
only now he seems to be getting some of the mockery that he richly deserves. Science makes a terrible religion.
It has no morality. It's just a tool. I've heard him say he wants to use AI to censor any negative opinions of vaccines (which are humanity's greatest achievement or SOMETHING) Click on the image for the NY Times article

What a clown...he believes he or his essence or SOMETHING will be downloaded or SOMETHING into a computer and that he will live forever. SO sad. The tears of a clown when there's no one around.
The great SMOKEY ROBINSON singing (~Lip synching~ 🤣 but the cool set fits this post) Tears Of A Clown Have a listen. Treat yourself.