Complete Works Of Shakespeare Buried Under NYC Obelisk

link to video

Gee I wonder Why?

Dear Brave and Noble Patrons-

It appears Cleopatra DID dedicate the Francis Bacon London obelisk to Julius Caesar, her lover, or Mark Antony her lover. Otherwise this video checks out- very interesting. The complete works of Shakespeare are buried under the obelisk. For sources check Wikipedia. BTW, I walked past the Worth Obelisk mentioned in the above video just yesterday with a friend.

If you pass any graveyard of any wealthy old town in Northeast America you will see many obelisks. I have pictures of them somewhere- I can't seem to find them, but those would be the graves of the Bacon Cult Religion of Freemasonry. For more on the Obelisks Of The Western World check this out

Obelisks and Freemasonry

I just found out today Kenneth Branagh is coming to my neighborhood to do "King Lear" which they promise will clock in at only two hours. I hate this play, I think it's a very silly premise and overwrought but Shakespeare Scholars and some others like the super star stage guy Robert Wilson think it's really really DEEP.

Should I go?

Eddie Izzard is doing a one "He-She" 'Hamlet of Androgyny' quite nearby as well.

  • I'll pass. 🤣

God bless, Stay Strong!! Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy renewal of life -the story continues.

Peace! RF