Actors, Spies and Judges!

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Oh My!

With royalty, journalists, top level politicians and rock stars to boot in the THEATER DISTRICT mere yards from the former home of Verulam Bacon near Whitehall Palace on the Thames.

"A visitor lucky enough to cadge an invitation from a member might end up in the company of a Supreme Court justice, the master of an Oxford college or the editor of a London newspaper... some of its rarefied members from a leaked membership list, two senior British government officials resigned from the club: Richard Moore, the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, and Simon Case, the cabinet secretary, who oversees nearly half a million public employees."

The article (link) is behind a paywall at the NY Times as the controversy has spread across the pond.

"Members, based on The Guardian’s leaked list, include the actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Brian Cox and Stephen Fry; Mark Knopfler, the guitarist of the rock band Dire Straits; Paul Smith, the fashion designer; the BBC correspondent John Simpson; Oliver Dowden, Britain’s deputy prime minister; and, yes, King Charles III (on an honorary basis).

Entertainment is Empire

The Guardian (no paywall-link) broke the story.

Imagine my surprise! Not

With all of this in mind stay tuned for a piece on Daphne DuMaurier, who wrote TWO BOOKS ON FRANCIS BACON! She is the grand-daughter of Georges DuMaurier who wrote Trilby. Trilby is the famous novel from whence the term Svengali comes from.

It's a story about a mind-controlled pop star from 1880's Paris. WHAT? It was turned into a play and was a massive hit for many many years in London and New York. Spawned the hat of the same name also known as a Fedora It's a crazy fun mind-blowing read-grab a copy. Man the cover of these Oxford Classic kinda says it all

This👇🏻 is not so great. it's a snoozefest.

I can't see it's appeal👆 beyond total Tudor-era nerds. There's nothing to say about Bacon until he was 45, because he was secretly writing the plays. Unless you scratch the surface and then you get Garrick Club on the Summer Solstice. Anthony Bacon, his foster brother, (OK his real brother to Normies) was a spy his entire life but hey...that's hidden too! So the book is a colossal bore. It's taking me foreveor toread it. Why she wrote it is anybody's guess.

Because Ms. DuMauriee also wrote page-turner horror stories. (I would imagine so anyway, not having read them- she's famous) Someone must have commissioned the two Bacon books? She does sort of, BTW, supports the Baconian theory- in The Winding Stair. She says Bacon and William worked together writing the plays. Sheesh...whatever. More on all of this soon

Cleopatra's Needle 👆 (commissioned by Cleopatra herself for Julius Caesar himself (or maybe Mark Antony!) marks the former home of Francis Bacon near Whitehall Palace on the Thames and is mere steps from the Garrick Club in the Theater District. Ya can't make this stuff up. Wait. Somebody did

Til soon. Peace! RF