King Charles Name drops shakespeare in first address

King Chas Name-Drops Shakespeare Within 30 Seconds of his very first addresss to Parliament!

Those Who Tell The Stories Rule Society ~ Plato.

Shakespeare is the Aegis Of Empire

Bacon Was Heavily Involved With Espionage And Intelligence His Entire Life.


The Ophites should hold by right the first place amongst the schools we are considering, for that impartial and acute historian of the Gnosis, Hippolytus, styles them, “The Naaseni who specially call themselves ‘Gnostics.’ But inasmuch as this deception of theirs is multiform and has many heads (a play upon their name of serpent-followers), like the Hydra of fable, if I smite all the heads at once with the wand of Truth, I shall destroy the whole serpent, for all the other sects differ but little from this one in essentials.” He therefore commences his history of the Gnostic heresies, properly so called, with a minute account of this one, illustrated with copious extracts from their text-books; on account of their antiquity and importance bestowing much more of his space upon them than upon any other of their offshoots or competitors.

Their strange-sounding title “Naaseni”–“Followers of the Naas” (the only way in which the Greek, from its want of aspirate letters, could write the Hebrew Nachash, “Serpent”)was literally rendered by “Ophites,” the name which has ever since served to designate them.

Freemasonry is embedded throughout the Shakespeare plays. Freemasonry is indispensable to Empire. Elizabeth “Rainbow Portrait” below with all seeing eye and massive Serpent. Cowabunga. See Episode 4 and 5 of the Hidden Life IS Best podcast for examples of gnosticism in Macbeth. Episodes 10 and 11 for Gnostic Hamlet. Once you know what to look for it is everywhere.

Click link below for a few examples of Freemasonry in the Shakespeare plays

 Shakespeare Creator Of Freemasonry by  Alfred Dodd