Elizabeth I

Intense gnostic and Masonic “Rainbow Portrait” of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, the Virgin Queen, the Fairy Queen. Masonic All Seeing Eyes on her cloak, with ears as well! Gnostic snake the Agathadaemon? crawling up her left arm with something hidden in it’s mouth. YOWZA! Elizabeth The 1st- Evidence She Was Francis Bacon’s Mother

Charles’ First Address as King

He Name-Drops Shakespeare Within 30 Seconds!!! Shakespeare is Central To The British Empire. Bacon Planned It That Way. Those Who Tell The Stories Rule Society ~ Plato. Bacon Was Heavily Involved With Espionage And Intelligence His Entire Life.

Episode #3: Bacon, Science, Freemasonry and Shakespeare

Stage Hypnosis Advancement of Learning Francis Bacon’s first work of philosophy 2nd edition published in 1642 – Only 76 years before Freemasonry was official in 1717, sixteen years after Bacon’s death This cover art is more Masonic than the back of the U.S. dollar bill ya’ll. On Simulation and Dissimulation